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Frequent Asked Questions

What is is a tool that helps you estimate when your Priority Date in the Visa Bulletin may become current.

What is a Priority Date?

Priority date is a United States immigration concept. A common path to the green card in the United States is to obtain it through a family based or employment based petition, a very complex process that can take many years to complete. In the USCIS Immigrant visa petition application process, the priority date is the date the petition was filed. If the alien relative has a priority date on or before the date listed in the visa bulletin, then he or she is currently eligible for a visa.

How do I find my Priority Date?

For Family Based petitions your Priority Date is the date when the Form I-130 (petition for Alien Relative) was received by the USCIS. For Employment Based petitions your Priority Date is the date when the Form I-140 (petition for Alien Worker) was received by the USCIS.

How do you estimate when my Priority Date may become current?

Our algorithm uses the Visa Bulletin statistic data from previous fiscal years, the current fiscal year, and other estimated data about possible future movements in the Visa Bulletin. Based on all these data we make mathematic calculations to estimate the result.

Why I don't see my employment based preference?

That's because your preference might current. We only make calculations about preference that aren't current, but if that particular preference becomes over subscribed in the future we will add it here.

When does the U.S. State Department publish the Visa Bulletin?

The Visa Bulletin is updated around the 10th of each month. That's when the U.S. State Department publishes the new cut off dates. The new cut off dates could have an impact on how soon your priority date becomes current.

Why did my priority date retrogress (go backwards)?

Some types of visa categories are numerically limited. The Visa Office in Washington, DC keeps track of the number of immigrants in these categories and sets priority dates on a monthly basis. For more information read this document

How often do you update the data?

Every month once the new Visa Bulletin has been published. At the left top of every page of this Web Site you will see the month and year of the last update.

I did not receive the validation email; what can I do to get a new one?

First of all check your spam inbox folder. If don't have it there, then from the home page enter your email address again in the email subscribers section. If the email is found a new verification email will be send to you.